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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a Lifestyle!

Dr.Jo is dedicated to serving the community!  Through chiropractic care and other natural protocols, she strives to look for the root cause of the individual’s problem or dysfunction, not just simply treat their symptoms. Whether you have been injured in a car accident, exercising, a fall, or just not sure why you are hurting she provides better health and balance through chiropractic care.


She is experienced in personal injury, sports injury, auto injury, conservative pain management, spinal corrective care, exercise, and nutritional therapy.  Dr. Jo's ultimate goal is to help each individual have a healthier wellbeing of life and thus obtain functional wellness.   Dr. Jo believes that the human body can do extraordinary things. Maximizing human performance is her mission.


To provide service to the community by motivating, guiding, and leading each individual to optimal health. Helping individuals manage and develop LIFESTYLE changes to lead less painful and more fulfilling lives. 

What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a scientific profession that examines the body as a whole, specifically focusing on the nervous system, skeletal system, and muscular system. When the spine becomes out of alignment it can cause an interference to the nervous system and pressure on nerves and blood vessels, thus decreasing functionality and causing pain in various body parts. Likewise, when our muscles are tensed or imbalanced it can also cause a disruption in our nerves, skeletal asymmetry, decreased range of motion, and muscle weaknesses. Mostly all bone structures in the body form joints. Overtime, with repetitive movements, improper posture, stresses on the body, and personal injuries, our bodies can become subluxated.


What is a subluxation? A subluxation is when a vertebrae is misaligned and has moved out of its normal place. The objective of chiropractic care is to realign the vertebrae back into place so that all systems of the body can work efficiently and the body can function at its highest level.  We help to facilitate healing by removing the interference and thus allowing the body to heal above down and inside out.


"The Power that Made the Body Heals the Body"

Independent Distributor

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What should you expect on your first visit? 

You will be asked to complete intake forms prior to your appointment. Please arrive EARLY if you are not able to fill out paperwork prior to your appointment. Please bring a photo ID and your insurance card to your first visit. You will have a one on one consultation with the health care provider to review your medical history. If treatment is recommended, an examination will be performed followed by a spinal and joint manipulation. You may be treated with electrical stimulation to help increase blood circulation and promote additional healing properties.

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